Our oasis

The Oasis is first and foremost preservation of a territory, landscapes and natural values maintenance.

Our oasis is a canyon covered with lush vegetation to visit walking on a path running from the historic center along a stream with springs, waterfalls, an ancient mill up to the cave where there is the Bussento river resurgence.

The Oasis is located into a Site of Community Importance (SIC IT8050016) in the Morigerati Municipality (Sa).

The area covers about 607 hectares inside the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park and it’s also on the world list of Geoparks. The Morigerati Oasis is a "main" geological site due to the significant karst phenomenon.


The hike in our Oasis is of an about 3 km. walk.
Through an ancient mule track (800 meters long, difference in height 130 m above sea level, various gradients, the greater is of 14% at one point) you reach:

- the Bussento river Grotto of the Risorgenza, an important karst phenomenon;
- the mosses and lichens station, first in southern Italy by extension of territory;

and coasting “lu jumi ri coppa”, a small tributary of the Bussento river, you reach the old horizontal wheel water mill.
From here you take the mule track back to the village.

We recommend: sportswear, trekking shoes and/or gym shoes.

The hike is not recommended for:
- heart patients
- severe asthmatics
- prosthesis wearers
- people with serious illnesses